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by Job Application Reporter

What day do people look for jobs?


Looking back at the Personforce network traffic stats this year, it’s interesting to note that most job searching takes place during the weekdays. Specifically the biggest traffic day of the week tends to be Monday, followed closely by Tuesday and then Wednesday. By thursday job seeker traffic tails off a little bit.

On Friday though, job seeker traffic really plummets. For whatever reason, people don’t really look for jobs on Friday. On Saturday and Sunday traffic is moderate lower than on Friday.

Some observations:

1. Since most of our publishers don’t publish on the weekend, it’s expected that our job board traffic should go down on the weekend.

2. All of our publishers produce content on Friday’s so i guess people don’t feel like looking for jobs that day.

3. Most people probably look for new jobs at work while they are on the computer most of the day. I wonder if a lot of people just don’t go online on the weekends.

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